About Us



The school provides all students with a safe learning environment warm, welcoming, adapted to their individual needs by offering the opportunities that will allow the development of skills to school, personal, professional, moral and francophone levels.

All primary, elementary and secondary school staff work as a team to develop common assessment measures and to analyze student results in order to implement all effective and relevant strategies that will allow all students to achieve a higher level of achievement in literacy and numeracy.

In a framework of mutual respect bringing together the entire community of school, we make sure that all our students develop and learn in a constructive climate where teachers and non-teaching staff, teacher, parents and students themselves demonstrate enthusiasm for learning.



• Uunion of professional learning community assembled for the purpose of achieving common educational goals clearly defined, and evaluates and analyzes student achievement results.
• Research and apply educational strategies that are conducive to continuous improvement in student achievement.
• Demonstrate interest and professional commitment to success school and the well-being of all our students.
• Participate in creating a welcoming, stimulating and dynamic school environment.
• Encourage the active participation of council resources.
• Encourage parents and guardians to participate actively improve the performance of their children.
• Establish a partnership with parents or guardians to engage a dialogue promoting the search for solutions to the needs students.



• Discover the meaning of effort, patience.
• Recognize the authority, the discipline of the living environment.
• Establish relationships of brotherhood, peace.
• Have confidence in yourself and others.

Our school will be a community of life where these values will not only be preached, but lived by the teaching staff. Being a small society whose human dimensions can be assumed by the child, our school will be the first field of experience, where he learns to be a man.


Kindergarten Education

Objectives of Kindergarten education:
- Create, organize and manage activities at the level of debates, current themes and festivities by making the best use of the school resources.
- Developing learning and provide additional resources.
- Developing socialization by allowing the listening, the communication and the participation of all the parents.


Preparatory Education

The goal of Preparatory Education program is
- Prepare knowledgeable and competent practitioners who are dedicated to serving the educational needs of all learners.
-Equip students with essential skills in the face of the abundance of new knowledge and new technologies, particularly digital. They will have to be able to approach interdisciplinary situations with a personal and creative mentality while respecting the principles that are part of a common culture.
Preparatory classes must allow students to adapt to the organization and the life of the college, as well as to ensure the continuity of learning undertaken in the 3 years of the Preparatory cycle : 1st preparatory , 2nd preparatory , 3rd preparatory.


Secondary Education

Secondary Education should

provide the learner with opportunities to:
acquire necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for the development of the self and the nation.
Promote love for and loyalty to the nation.

Secondary School is

important because those are the years before entering the bigger and serious part of education that is their CAREERS. It is extremely important to focus during these years. Students get into their teenage years and are all excited about so many things.

The Aim is to

enable students to develop skills in the different disciplines and cross-curricular courses.
The educational path of health, the course of artistic and cultural education and the civic course offer students the best opportunity to succeed in their lives.