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European Schools of Alexandria National & International French / English

European Schools of Alexandria National & International French / English

Campus of European Schools is established to guarantee full satisfaction of our target group (parents and students) in obtaining the commonly popular Egyptian curricula in English/French with fresh, renewed approaches within a safe, pleasant and stimulating educational environment which promotes personal attention in a unique atmosphere that is both sensitive to and consistent with Egyptian culture and traditions.
Such a formula, where Egyptian national curricula are offered in English and French, along with an internationally recognized French programme, is the solution to parents who may wish to place their children in a school where diverse educational systems are available.

Campus of European Schools, in brief, is an ultimately serious initiative to bring back to life such principles that are gradually but steadily fading away in order to pave the road to ensure full development of each child's potential. As doing so, The Campus acknowledges and seizes the opportunity to highlight the significance of cooperation with parents, being its partners whose commitment and impact should be beyond any doubts. We intend to form a panel of parents- elected by parents- to co-decide and determine (with Campus Administration) the nature and boundaries of all areas of interest related to the best well of our children.

Periodical meetings, consultancy sessions and on-line communication channels are a few examples of the methods we intend to implement in this regard and before all you should be sure that:


Serving YOU is our mission.

Location and premises:

"…where Cultures, Languages and Education meet…!"  At a pure area, located at the eastern suburb of Alexandria, nearby Montaza Parks, lies the premises of The European School of Alexandria; the embodiment of a new, fresh and most original educational establishment launched within an ambitious initiative of a number of highly qualified and experienced educators whose major target is to bring to life the school where all aspirations of Alexandria parents and students can and will be fulfilled.

European campus is a purpose-built state of the art facility for pre-k through Sr 3/Gr 12, including spacious classrooms, which are provided with IT – educational solutions, modern and fully equipped science and computer laboratories, a multi-functional hall, gymnasium, a theatre, 2 libraries, multi-purpose courts, safe playing areas; all to ensure providing our students with sufficient, fruitful learning and educational services in small classes ensuring maximum individual and group instruction, with a paramount role for highly qualified, experienced foreign and Egyptian staff members.


Every child in European Schools is expected to achieve at high levels when it comes to academics. We are committed to providing academic challenge as well as guidance and support to meet the challenge.

Important elements of learning at Euro are:

  • Commitment to customize education for students
  • Class sizes averaging 25
  • Talented and Gifted programming
  • Strategies to investigate learn and think about topics in depth
  • Integrated art, music and PE instruction coordinated with academic activities which support classroom content

Nursery Education

The European High School is the first and only school that accepts children from the age of 3, which is an alternative option for children who have not had the chance to be admitted to religious schools.


-Improve the quality and living environment of children at school Create, organize and manage activities at the level of debates, current themes and festivities by making the best use of the resources and resources of the school.
-Strengthen the qualities of the school and provide additional resources at the level.
-To be at the best the representation of all the parents of the school, by allowing the listening , the communication and the participation of all the parents.


The particular objectives of nursery education:

1. Developing awareness
2. Developing socialization
3. Developing learning
4. Identify difficulties and disabilities

Educational project of our school

- By transmitting to children and young people a part of the cultural heritage, by enabling them to acquire useful knowledge and know-how, by helping them to make ethical choices, to develop a personal relationship with art, to experience spiritual and religious approaches and to allow questions to be asked by one another, the school contributes to the construction of personal identity and the ability to give meaning to one's life in a way adapted to the different ages of the pupils .


- The goal of our educational community is to make our school an environment where we learn to live. Parents and teachers must complement each other to offer children the same scale of values at the top of which everyone will place love.


Classes of Kg:

• P.S (petite section) : from 2 yrs & 6 months.
• M.S (moyen section): from 3 yrs & 6 months.
• G.S (grande section) : from 4 yrs & 6 months.