About French International School

How to accomplish an effective pedagogy?

So is the international system:

Kindergarten classes:

Kindergarten classes are designed to ensure the development of the children in different areas and prepare them to the primary stage. The focus is to give the basics of the language so that they can understand and speak correctly.

It will also initiate the writing skill. It also handles the child's imagination and creative ability through the art & music classes which are very important. Indeed, the kindergarten classes are based on a system of activities to transmit information indirectly to the child through fun and learning at the same time.

Primary Stage:

The Primary Stage includes five classes divided as follows:

1.Kindergarten classes (PS, MS & GS) in addition to the first two classes in the primary stage (CP & CE1). This highlights the importance of the kindergarten classes in the sequence of study in the French BAC.
2.Expansion classes which include the last three classes (CE2, CM1 & CM2)

Preparatory Stage:

This stage includes four classes; the first class is 6e (Gr 6) followed by 5e (Gr 7), 4e (Gr 8) & 3e (Gr 9) To be able to join this stage, students should finish their expansion classes in the primary stage to provide them with general education (no specifications) The educational system in this stage is mainly established upon:

1.An introduction to the high school in 6e
2.In-depth teaching in 4e & 5e
3.Guiding students to choose their courses for the high school

High School:

The academic sciences
This stage include three years which are 2e (Gr 10), 1e (Gr 11) & the terminal class (Gr 12)

The BAC offers a variety of specialties:

2.Economics & social studies
3.Pure science

Applying to university:

To access the Egyptian universities:

1.tudents must have passed all the subjects required for the faculty they want to join. They must also pass the Arabic and religion exams in high school.

2.Also, the General Council of Universities allowed Egyptian students who had their International Baccalaureate to pass an equivalency for admission in governmental universities if they have passed twelve school years as follows: Three school years after Egyptian preparatory stage, or six years after primary stage or twelve years of international education (BAC).

3.Finally, statement of Ministry of Education No. 1811 of 26.06.2012 stated that 5% of admissions to Egyptian governmental universities will be devoted to graduates of international schools to join the faculty they aspire. Thus, the French international system is as follows: